YOUNG PEOPLE’S Dreams Projects Commitments – 2

Anna Bacchia Consciousness Institute, in collaboration with Living Peace International, has interviewed Young People from all around the Earth about their Projects for Life, for a new Human Society.

Consciousness Life & Networks – A Project by Anna Bacchia

In this Video:
Pakinam ElGohary   Egypt
Conleth Burns   Ireland
Kriti Shree Giri   Nepal
Nicola Bariol   Italy
Maria Sfeir & Fouad Sfeir   Lebanon
Donata Ling   Canada
Matia Amadasi   Argentina

Video produced by Anna Bacchia Consciousness Institute – Lugano, Switzerland

Anna Bacchia –  Project  Research  Director
Carlos Palma –  Living Peace Youth Coordinator
Roman Calzaferri – Executive Producer  Filmmaker
Elizabeth & Thomas Lasikowski –  Translation  Collaboration