Anna Bacchia Consciousness Institute, in collaboration with Living Peace International and World Peace Forum
present the intercultural educational Project


CONSCIOUSNESS, LIFE & NETWORKS – An intercultural Project of education, meetings, explorations, wich brings us to recognize that we can always be enlightened co-creators of the evolution of Life, and of the expansion of the global Consciousness, with actions which do not request energy from us, but which offer us energy

Our breathing is not ‘other’ from the breathing of everything, of everyone,
of the Life which is breathing within us: one, undivided, ubiquitous, infinite

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This Educational Project, launched by the ‘Anna Bacchia Consciousness Institute’, Lugano Switzerland, and the ‘World Peace Forum’, is based on:
the most advanced scientific theories on the nature of reality as consciousness and information: a symphony of information in which we are immersed and of which we are made,
– in syntony with the vision of consciousness as it has been expressed by the grandest cultural traditions on Earth,
– and on the experience of 40 years of research, of Edu programs, of teaching, of essays by Anna Bacchia, on the nature of our Life, and of our unexplored human qualities of Vision and INtuitive INsight ÌNIN, towards a new unexplored intuitive seeing, interrelating, understanding which expands the global Consciousness.

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Anna Bacchia

Researcher, Teacher, Writer, Innovator
Member of the World Peace Forum

Anna Bacchia


Dominicus Rohde

President of the World Peace Forum

Dominicus Rohde


Roman Calzaferri

Architect – Co-director of the Life Project

Roman Calzaferri


Enrica Bacchia

Vocalist, Artist, Teacher, Writer

Enrica Bacchia


Giovanna Fiore



Camila Sahores Maxwell


Camila Sahores Maxwell


This intercultural Project of education, meetings, explorations, leads us to recognize that we can always be enlightened co-creators of the evolution of Life, and of the expansion of global Consciousness, with actions which do not request energy from us, but which offer us energy.

Basic Program

In such context, the Project starts with the proposal to experience and develop an unexplored Vision and INtuitive INsight, ÌNIN, that expands our Consciousness. An experience that engenders syntony and co-participation, an enlightening clarity, a natural coherence. A new seeing that is still unexplored.
A Vision that frees the creative force of the uniqueness (of everyone) in the unity (of Life): just as we have many native languages, but one only human language, we are one only Humanity.
Such experience creates an unexplored intuitive perceiving, understanding, flexible responding together with a coherent and sensible responsibility: we are dealing with an intuitive intelligence of ours which appears fundamental while we face a dynamic reality, sudden unpredictabilities, the need for broader perspectives, as well as new questions that emerge from our dialogues, and from social contexts in rapid transformation.

Educational Training Program



The CONSCIOUSNESS LIFE & NETWORKS Project orients us to handle changes, adaptations, transformations, towards an expanded awareness and clarity, towards the natural human ability to co-create opportunities, openings, new solutions, new projects and new answers coherent with the emerging needs and questions: through actions which do not request energy from us, but which offer us energy,
– while we activate our talents and manifest our full potential in our understanding, discovering, creating
– while we become aware that our own thoughts, our voices, our dialogues, our living presence, our existence are constantly co-creating the evolutive flow of Life.

a path and an experience that gives voice to a new Consciousness

Today, the Princeton University’s Global Consciousness Project recognizes:
Coherent consciousness creates order in the world. Subtle interactions link us with each other and the Earth … The evidence suggests an emerging unifying field of consciousness described by sages in all cultures.”

As the INtuitive INtelligence, ÌNIN points out, today we do not need new ideas or new models to interpret reality, but we need a new experience capable to re-generate us: the possibility to be informed by Life (receiving intuitions and intuitive vision), and to give form to new discoveries, solutions, works, while we are aware
– that the sensibility towards the life we are, and our presence, create the evolution of the global consciousness,
– and that all of us can always open new evolutive perspectives in syntony with the vital answers which we all yearn for.


This program is dedicated to a new evolutive Consciousness and to its pioneers, towards a Civilization of SYNTONY, of SYMPHONY


Founder of the Consciousness Institute in Lugano, Switzerland. Teacher, Writer, Innovator.
For her Research in Human Sciences, and her Intercultural EDU Projects addressed to 67 Countries, and as Creative Member of the International Cultural Foundation ‘the Club of Budapest’, she is among the laureates of the Luxembourg World Peace Prize.
Her Project ‘One Earth Choir’ involves each year participants across 7 continents on the theme “we have many native languages, but only one human language, we are one only Humanity”.
In 40 years of teaching he has trained thousands of people of all ages, in Europe, China, United States, South America.
She is a Member of the World Peace Forum, and Founder of the Training Program ÌNIN INtuitive INnovation, LIFE Leaders .international®.




Online modules, held as Zoom meetings.
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Videos of innovators, researchers, scientists and artists from around the world, on issues and perspectives vital to the future of humanity. Such videos will be presented during the online meetings, and will remain available on the website.

Q & A

Questions & Answers that emerge during the Zoom meetings will become the subject of useful observations, introspections and feedbacks shared with the participants.


For the introductory online training program, a Certificate of Participation from the Consciousness Institute, Lugano, Switzerland will be issued to those who request it.


Organization and access
The Workshops will be held through the Zoom platform (, with an interactive videoconference, between speakers and participants.
Upon your registration you will receive via email the information to access the Zoom Meeting.

What is Zoom and how do I use it ?
Zoom is a video conferencing platform, and you can use it with PC, MAC, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android Smartphone, through the webcam of the device.
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